Interview with Taylor Camp – AKA TheTieGuy

After taking a short break from my menswear insider series, I am opening the discussion again by featuring one of my favorite Tumblr pages – a site that obsesses about men’s ties almost as much as I do. I am talking about TheTieGuy, a photo blog with more than 60,000 active followers (and growing). I had the chance to chat with the creative mind behind this page: Taylor Camp.

thetieguy-interview Hi Taylor, thanks for joining in today on my Menswear Insider series. You are better known as The Tie Guy through your popular Tumblr page. What inspired this name?

TheTieGuy: Hi Hendrik! Thanks for giving me this opportunity to be interviewed! Once i started dressing better the name behind The Tie Guy simply clicked. The Tie Guy first started on Tumblr and then eventually expanded to both Twitter and more recently, Instagram. are 24. Most young men at your age don’t care too much about wearing ties. How long have you been a tie aficionado? What sparked this interest in ties and menswear?

TheTieGuy: I’ve been interested in menswear and neckties for about four years now. I started buying ties for exactly one dollar from local thrift stores around my area. As i continued to shop at these thrift stores, i eventually started buying dressier pieces like overcoats, blazers, dress shoes and sweaters. I remember thinking to myself “Wow, i can use these stores as resources to look great AND spend very little money on clothing!”. Ever since i realized this, I’ve been slowing curating a wardrobe for myself. Being an expert on ties, who do you think makes the highest quality ties if there was no budget?

TheTieGuy: Any of the extremely expensive Italian clothing companies. Some of these include: Kiton, Brunello Cucinelli, Borrelli, Isaia, Hermes (French), and Bulgari just to name a few. Assume you had to spend $100 on clothing today. Where would you shop and what would you buy?

TheTieGuy: I would shop at either Gant Rugger or Suit Supply. I would either buy a nice knit or paisley tie or a shawl collared sweater. What if it wasn’t $100 but $1,000?

TheTieGuy: I would still be shopping at both Gant Rugger and Suit Supply. I would by myself a three piece suit. are quite the spokesman of these two companies. What do you like about these two companies/brands? If you could only pick one clothing brand for your entire wardrobe, who would you choose (from any, not just these two)? Why would you choose this brand?

TheTieGuy: I like how classic both these companies are. The products they sell are made with care and aren’t rushed. They sell pieces that will last you a long time which i think more companies need to look into. Quality and not quantity! TheTieGuy is one of the most popular tumblr pages on menswear with over 60,000 followers. How did you become so popular?

TheTieGuy: I became popular on Tumblr by using it and interacting with my followers every day. It was a series of events that lead me to where i currently am. First, Nick Wooster AKA “Woostgod” recommend my blog on and previously over the summer, Tumblr contacted me and added my blog to a list of suggested street style blogs to follow under the explore section. Talking about Nick Wooster and street style blogs, who are some of the blogs that you follow?

TheTieGuy: My two favorite street style blogs are Themidwestyle and TheSartorialist It is clear that you have a strong interest and good eye for the menswear industry. What are your plans for the next couple of years, after you are done with school?

TheTieGuy: After i graduate this upcoming summer, i have plans to live and travel in either Italy or Japan. Through traveling and living in one of these places I’ve always been inspired by, i hope to my expand upon my current love for food, red wine, coffee and most importantly, menswear. After I come back from traveling next January, i hope to live and work in either San Francisco or New York City and pursue my career goals of working as a Social Media Manager for a mens clothing company. What about your tumblr page? Will you continue to run it? Would there be a way to turn your Tumblr page into a viable business?

TheTieGuy: I will continue to work and focus on my blog every day. I hope to continue to make some money from it and eventually turn it into a full time business. for meeting with me today, and best of luck to you!

TheTieGuy: Thanks, Hendrik

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  1. Jake says:

    Hope to see you out here in SF!

  2. Matt says:

    Great interview. I just started following TheTieGuy after reading this interview. This dude got an eye for style! Thanks for the recommendation.

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